Auction Services

Here are just some of the services we can provide:

  • We will visit your company premises, and take a full description and photos of your assets for sale.

  • We work closely with various liquidation accountants with the aim of quickly realising and attaining your asset's full market value.

  • All auctions are advertised in the bidspotter & i-bidder web adds and email listings to give maximum exposure to the auction community.

  • Each lot is individually listed, photos displayed and any queries are handled by the team, leaving you free to sit back and watch the bidding.

  • At the close of auction, Asset Auctions will invoice all winners and notify the seller of the overall hammer prices.

  • All accounts are settled promptly. Arrangements are then made for collection of goods and specific times allocated are adhered to.

  • You, the seller, receive your hassle free money for minimum effort.


Please get in touch with us for more details.

Types Of Auction & Pricing Structure


Collective Auction

Just like our current listed auctions, a collective auction caters for numerous vendors at the same time, all regular collective auctions are online through Bidspotter and I-Bidder and are promoted to 1000s of potential buyers once live, attracting a high number of buyers registering for each sale. 
this also allows our clients to dispose of their assets at any time throughout the year to suit them.

Private treaty sale

A private treaty sale is the auction to choose should you only have a short time to dispose of your assets, similar to the collective auction apart from the bids are submitted in confidence and therefore competing bidders do not get to see the amount that someone else has bid, this type of sale is targeted to specialist buyers of the asset type and indicates to them the length of time they have to submit the bid to us and once that date arrives, we would then submit the highest bids to you for your approval.


Event Sale

An event sale is ideal if you have a large number of assets to dispose of, we then create an additional online timed event which would be your very own auction, again this would be targeted to buyers of the specific assets being disposed of and no other vendor would be able to enter lots in your sale.
Should you choose this method then once we have the photographs and reserves, we would send you a link to the auction and you can watch the bids coming in on your assets.



Here at Asset Auctions Ltd, our pricing structure for vendors is straight forward, there is no charge to the vendor whatsoever, no listing fee, no selling deductions, absolutely no charge. You the vendor get returned 100% of the hammer price.

We charge the buyer a nominal premium of 15 % on the sales price, which compared with most other auctions is significantly low.


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